Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekends are Supposed to Be Relaxing

This past weekend was long with both good and bad days.  Saturday was pretty nice, after working on my grocery list I took my son swimming then came home, grilled some dinner and played basketball with him and the hubby.  All ended well that day. 

Sunday on the other hand was full of fighting from the moment I woke up (at 11am) until I went to be bed.  It started with the dear hubby and I getting into it over his OCD moment in my kitchen and trying rearrange everything.  I am 5'2" tall and he is 6 feet tall, so anything he puts on the top shelf is out of my reach and he should know this after 4 yrs.  However he still puts heavy glass dishes that I use almost daily on the top shelf.  To top it off, I didn't have any coffee or anti-depressants in me yet, so I was irritable to say the least.  This argument spiraled downward from there and the yelling proceeded to wake my 11yr old princess, who is about as much of a morning person as I am.

As my day drug on, I heard the words, "Mommy, I'm bored" and "Mommy, I'm hungry" no less than 6,243,898 times. Not to mention they just love picking on each other to the point of physical violence erupting. These children are the laziest and non-imanginative kids I have ever met.  Let's just say there is no shortfall of things to do around here, we have 4 TVs, 2 DVD players, a Wii, a Playstation 2, a basketball goal and huge backyard with 2 fetch loving dogs.  Just because we lack the funding for a pool, my son believes this is the most boring place on the planet. 

By 4pm I was ready to pull my hair out or just plain run away.  I really am not much of a people person and to my husbands dismay I love, love, love complete silence and being alone.  So to this end, I left the family room and crawled back in bed (since I was still wearing my pj's it was easy) and spent an hour and half watching reruns of my favorite show, NCIS.

Total bliss...oh wait... the door just opened and sure enough here comes the boy to tell me again that he is bored.  Someone please put me out of my misery and shoot me in the head. Can I move to a deserted island and live like Tom Hanks in Castaway (minus the fishing for food and such).

Okay back to real life...I love my kids, I love my husband, I love my dogs, I love my too small house.  Oh who am I kidding, right now life just sucks.  Maybe tomorrow will be better! 

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