Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nothing Goes as Planned...

For the past year I have been taking classes trying to get into a nursing program.  I have not made much headway, but I am trucking along.  Recently I found a different school that had a shorter and more convenient program so immediately, I began the transfer and testing process.  Now they tell me only 12 people will be accepted and my chances of getting in are very slim.  Bummer, now what?

Brainstorming and searching the internet, I have found a couple more options, but they require several prerequisite classes and again are very competitive to get into.  I am frustrated and dismayed.  It took me 5 years, 2 kids and failed marriage to figure out what I wanted to be when I "grew up" and another 6 years before I was in a position to actually go after it.  Now I am once again being kept from what I feel is my true calling in life because I didn't go to college when all my friends did.

Okay, depressed thoughts over and now I must tend to the 5 children running a muck (well only 1 is doing that, the others are asleep or occupied by whatever TV show is on Disney at the moment). 

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