Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Children Cost More the Older They Get...

My afternoon trip to the mailbox is never much fun. Remember when you were a kid and getting the mail was so exciting even though there was usually nothing for you anyway?  Then as you get older and become independent you start receiving these nice pieces of mail addressed just to you, only now it just costs you money.

Well today was no different than any other day except the temperature was well over 100 degrees and my feet were smoking just walking to the end of the driveway.  I returned to the wonderfully air conditioned house and sat down to read the sale ads for the local grocery stores (the only exciting mail I get these days).  Then I saw it, the oh so familiar white and orange envelope belonging to the one and only AT&T.  My kids' cell phone bill has arrived.  I skimmed through it to make sure nothing was out of the ordinary and there I saw my lovely, sweet (and a little sassy) 11 year old daughter has sent 1,163 text messages, 90 multimedia messages and received 1,175 text messages.  When I had picked my jaw up off the floor and said a prayer thanking God for unlimited texting plans I sat there and wondered, what could they possibly talk about that much?  Anytime I sneak a peek at her phone the messages are usually one word like, "Hi" or something.  The preteen and teenage girl is a wondrous creature (even I was one at some point long ago). 

Oh how I miss being a kid again.  Maybe tomorrow's mail will bring something nice, but I am not going to hold my breath.

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