Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vacations are GREAT!!

We just arrived back home from 5 days of swimming and sunburning. Saturday morning we loaded up our car with everything 2 adults and 2 kids could need (including food) for the next few days of fun in the sun. We were also joined by another couple and their 2yr old girl (one of my daycare babies). We live north of Dallas and needed a cheap getaway for this summer, so a 4-5 hour car ride to New Braunfels, TX became our final destination.

The car ride down there started with my husband drinking 2 large cups of coffee and talking the entire time. I was about to cut my own ears off and then remembered this was my car and I would then have to clean the mess that would follow. We were actually ahead of schedule and decided to stop in Austin for a few sightseeing opportunities. We checked out the University of Texas campus and took some photos by the football stadium. There was a really pretty water fountain that I wanted to have the kids picture taken. We stopped the car at the curb and I was just going to use my phone's camera real quick, but my hubby decided that wasn't sufficient so he opens the trunk and proceeds to dig the camera out of our suitcase which is of course as far back in the trunk as possible. Then my dear son says he needs to go to the bathroom. Why can't anything just be simple? I spot a trash can and bench under a tree and tell him to go take care of it really quick over there. Thank goodness it was him and not my daughter!

After a few pictures at the campus we headed over to the State Capitol building which is surrounded by beautiful flower gardens and fascinating statues and monuments. That actually went well once my daughter agreed to get out of the car and join us in the sweltering heat. A quick lunch of sandwiches, chips and cookies in the car and we were back on the road with a little over an hour of travel time left.

We made a quick stop at Walmart for yet another new swimsuit for my daughter and checked in at our condo around 4pm. The kids promptly changed into their bathing suits and announced it was time to go swimming. Dear lordy, can't momma just get a nap now? No.

The next 4 days were filled with daily visits to the pool, a family outing to Schlitterbahn water park, a mom and dad only trip to float down the Guadalupe River while the kids went to the water park again and a lazy day of swimming and TV watching with the kids while the dads went to the river. Oh, yes there were also several nights of adult beverages after the kiddos were past out from too much sun and fun.

The best moment came on day 4 when my 8yr old son decided he could finally swim without the life jacket that he holds on to so dearly when swimming is even mentioned. He put it down on the side of the pool, took a deep breath and with his sweet little cheeks puffed out like a squirrel, he frantically doggie paddled about 5 feet across the pool. I almost cried! Then ran for my phone to take a video. By the end of the day he was jumping into the pool at the 5ft depth and swimming across the pool all by himself. Finally, success!!!

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