Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I want a pool...

I have been super busy lately and haven't really found anything in my life that I think is interesting enough to share.  However, some people may just be able to relate to how I am feeling these days, so here it is. 

After several attempts to take my children swimming in our community pool this summer I am done with it!!  I like my neighborhood, but it has been taken over by people who just don't seem to care about anyone but themselves.  If I could move to a bigger house with several acres, lots of animals and no neighbors to speak of, that would suit me just fine.  I am a loner like that, but my hubby is a social butterfly and would be absolutely miserable if the only beings to be the center of attention to were dogs, horses and cattle.  My mind is drifting already, anyway my solution to dealing with the HOA rules and idiots alike was to get a small pool for our backyard.

You know the kind, just blow up the top ring, fill with water and will stand up on it's own.  I opted for the 12 foot round by 3 foot tall version and it was actually much larger than I anticipated.  No, I didn't measure that out and yes, was surprised to see how big it was in the yard.  Call it laziness or whatever, I usually act before fully forming a plan when taking on large projects in the house.  Smart, huh?

Well a good 4 hours past and it was just about all full and I noticed one side about to overflow while the other was several inches from even touching the top ring.  My theory was as long as it didn't collapse, it was perfectly fine (and it was for about a week).  The kids and I fully enjoyed it's use for the 7 days it was in the yard so far. 

Everything is great and good, but then slowly as the week past this is what happened.

The pool began to lean to the right (or I should say down slope) and I was afraid it was about to flood the rest of the yard.  In my genius mind the best thing to do was drain it completely and go get sand and that is exactly what I did.

So last night when I came home and told my husband I needed his help to unload and haul these 50 pound bags of play sand to the backyard, he shook head and agreed.  Then we proceeded to stand in the back yard arguing about what spot was the closest to level and he insisted that 4 bags would not be nearly enough.  He was standing there making plans to get a bobcat and dig a hole or something like that, which sounded like way too much trouble as far as I was concerned. This argument carried on for hours and included me standing in the yard with a stake while he tried to use a laser level.  I still don't think we have completely come to an agreeable solution.

I just wanted a simple pool to make my life easier and make my children happier, however I forgot that in my world, nothing is ever easy or simple.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When it Rains, it Pours...

This is what I get for having a great Monday and Tuesday this week.  Wednesday has been complete crap so far and it's only noon. 

We have been really trying to follow Dave Ramsey's plan for paying off debt and building up savings, but we failing miserably.  I have never been one to stick to a budget, but I have been doing really well in that respect lately.  I have a very tight and strict grocery budget and most weeks I can get all 4 humans and 2 large dogs fed (including toiletries and the like) for about $140 per week.  Sometimes it is extremely difficult and I get tired of hearing everyone complain that they are hungry and there is nothing "good" to eat.  I try my best to keep homemade cookies or cake around for them to munch on, but they devour it so quickly I feel defeated on a daily basis.

I guess looking at all the bills I need to pay this morning got me started in a downward spiral of depression for the day.  You just have to wonder when will this all end and just magically disappear?  Since the debt fairy has yet to visit my house, I did my usual juggling act and laid everything out on my spreadsheet for the next 30 days.  Still nothing left over, ever, UGH!

To add a new layer of desperation, while I was trying to bake a chocolate chip cake (see recipe tab) my son informs me that he spilled red jello on the carpet.  Since the carpet isn't exactly pristine I didn't freak out, just opened the cabinet under the sink and found the cleaner.  That when I noticed the towel under the sink was completely soaking wet, moldy looking and there was quite a stench in the cabinet.  CRAP! 

I proceeded to clean the carpet first and then came back to the kitchen cabinet issue.  The hubs and I just fixed a leaking pipe and sink mount a week or two ago.  However this was a different pipe, so I emptied the cabinet and began cleaning the disgusting mess.  Found a loose joint and was able to tighten it enough to get the leak to stop.  Thank you Lord, because there is no money in the emergency fund yet to pay for a repairman. 

When I finished the trash needed to taken out since all the paper towels had that stink from under the sink.  To my surprise the trash bag not only broke, but was leaking into the trash can prior to that.  REALLY?  REALLY?  There is no redemption today is there?

If I didn't have 4 children running around my house I could just crawl back in bed and forget this day ever happened.  But no, I must take advantage of the fact that the 3 little ones are sleeping (miraculously) to put away dishes and fold 3 baskets of laundry.  I am thinking I need a drink tonight, oh wait, there's no money in the budget for that.  DANG IT!

Friday, July 9, 2010

My Title is Mom, Not Maid...

Just because I don't have what is considered a "real job" by most people (i.e. my husband), does not mean I am an indentured slave to my family.  If one more person in this house asks me where something that belongs to them is located I will most likely jump out the window.  Unfortunately we don't have a two story house, so that wouldn't cause enough damage to render me incapacitated.  Children are one thing, I expect it from them although is still gets under my skin when they ask me to find something that is in plain sight.  It is a whole different ballgame when it is my husband (or should I say the biggest kid) who can't find something.

Last weekend my hubs and I spent 2 days with some friends at their lake house.  You can only imagine the amount of adult beverages consumed by 10 people in 2 days when there is nothing else to do.  Needless to say, my hubs just noticed he is missing a pair of shoes and a necklace.  He kept asking me where it could be as if I know the whereabouts of his belongings.  So there he is stomping through the house like a child and freaking out like a toddler who hasn't had a nap.

Meanwhile I am sitting on the couch watching a movie (not that I can actually hear anything they are saying) and surfing Facebook.  I reach over, pick up the phone and call the hostess from last weekends party to see if he left his stuff there.  Sure enough, just as he is about to lose his dang mind and throw himself on the floor kicking and screaming, she said the items were at her house.

Thank goodness, temper tantrum avoided.  Now if I could magically produce the 2 missing beverage koozies so he will make a complete recovery, sit down and shut up.    

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