Friday, July 9, 2010

My Title is Mom, Not Maid...

Just because I don't have what is considered a "real job" by most people (i.e. my husband), does not mean I am an indentured slave to my family.  If one more person in this house asks me where something that belongs to them is located I will most likely jump out the window.  Unfortunately we don't have a two story house, so that wouldn't cause enough damage to render me incapacitated.  Children are one thing, I expect it from them although is still gets under my skin when they ask me to find something that is in plain sight.  It is a whole different ballgame when it is my husband (or should I say the biggest kid) who can't find something.

Last weekend my hubs and I spent 2 days with some friends at their lake house.  You can only imagine the amount of adult beverages consumed by 10 people in 2 days when there is nothing else to do.  Needless to say, my hubs just noticed he is missing a pair of shoes and a necklace.  He kept asking me where it could be as if I know the whereabouts of his belongings.  So there he is stomping through the house like a child and freaking out like a toddler who hasn't had a nap.

Meanwhile I am sitting on the couch watching a movie (not that I can actually hear anything they are saying) and surfing Facebook.  I reach over, pick up the phone and call the hostess from last weekends party to see if he left his stuff there.  Sure enough, just as he is about to lose his dang mind and throw himself on the floor kicking and screaming, she said the items were at her house.

Thank goodness, temper tantrum avoided.  Now if I could magically produce the 2 missing beverage koozies so he will make a complete recovery, sit down and shut up.    

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