Sunday, June 20, 2010

Good Times with Friends

The kids went off to spend Father's Day weekend with their father, so my wonderful hubby and I had time to go see some good friends. Every weekend there is a group that gathers at the lake house of a couple we all love to hang out with. They own a lake house about an hour north of where we live and it is a great little getaway for all of city folk. I decided to go out on a limb this weekend try my hand at making Jello Shots for everyone. So after a trip to the grocery store and liquor store I was all set. They are actually very easy to make and I kind of felt like a mad scientist making sure to mix the right amounts of water and Everclear (yes, I don't mess around with my liquor, it has to be the best) with only the best tasting Jello flavors. There will be no yucky green or blue shots around here, only Cherry, Strawberry, Tropical Fusion and Watermelon. By the time I finished off all 5 boxes of Jello, I had 102 tiny 2oz cups stacked neatly in my refrigerator.

Then the hubs and I settled in to watch a movie while the jello set overnight. We promptly woke a little before 9am (way too early for a Saturday in my opinion) and packed everything we needed for the day. Sunscreen, sunscreen, beer, jello shots, change of clothes and more sunscreen. You can never be too careful when it is 100 degrees in Texas with no shade from the sweltering rays. Just to make sure the shots tasted alright we each had to try one, and surprisingly they were perfect! Nothing like a shot of liquor before 10am to get the day started (that was a first and last for me).

We hopped in the car and headed north, stopping for ice, coffee and breakfast. We reached the halfway point and got a text message from our gracious host asking if we were almost there. My wonderful husband then started to panic thinking he would be left behind and that would be the end of his world. Yes, because being left at the dock with a cooler full of beer and jello shots would surely be worst thing that happen to us that day, right? I assured him we were going to get there in plenty of time and texted her back to let her know we would be there shortly.

Just as we pulled into their subdivision 2 of our other friends pulled in as well, so we were just fine. Everyone loaded up the coolers and piled into the cars to go to the dock where the boat was waiting for us. The day was indeed hot and the discussion of sweat beads rolling down places I won't mention was quite comical to those of us sitting in the back of the boat. The breeze was welcomed and we anchored the boat near one of the islands where people gather to "party" you could say.

The day was great, the beer, jello shots were devoured and the multiple cans of sunscreen were emptied. The water was cool and the sun was hot. Fun was had by all and before we knew it 5 or 6 hours had past and it was time to head back to the house. Back at the house everyone cleaned up, changed clothes and prepared for dinner. Later while we were eating a friend of ours looked at my husband and I saying he wanted to produce a reality show about us and the others agreed it would be hilarious. I just don't see what everyone finds so funny about our life, we seem pretty boring to me. After dinner we couldn't stay to enjoy the ensuing fun so we headed back home to rescue our poor doggies from the lonely house.

Looking at Facebook today, we apparently missed the best part of the night. After we left, everyone proceeded to continue drinking, singing karaoke and having a great time. There was mention of a taser being administered by someone they all met at the small town bar. One of guys only asked to tased once and had enough, but the resident party guy kept asking over and over. They all said it was hilarious. Dang, I always miss the good stuff! Maybe next time.

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